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4 Math Questions

4 Math Questions

The assignment has been completed except for questions 5,10,11,12. I need these completed immediately. I need them done right and with quality. I am paying good money, do them RIGHT AND ON TIME or else I will demand a refund and leave you one Horrific review!! If you do a good job I will leave you the best review you have ever had!

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Perform the two basic operations of multiplication and division to a complex number in both rectangular and polar form, to demonstrate the different techniques.
Dividing complex numbers in rectangular and polar forms.
Converting complex numbers between polar and rectangular forms and vice versa.
Calculate the mean, standard deviation and variance for a set of ungrouped data
Completing a tabular approach to processing ungrouped data.
Calculate the mean, standard deviation and variance for a set of grouped data
Completing a tabular approach to processing grouped data having selected an appropriate group size.
Sketch the graph of a sinusoidal trig function and use it to explain and describe amplitude, period and frequency.
Calculate various features and coordinates of a waveform and sketch a plot accordingly.
Explain basic elements of a waveform.
Use two of the compound angle formulae and verify their results.
Simplify trigonometric terms and calculate complete values using compound formulae.
Find the differential coefficient for three different functions to demonstrate the use of function of a function and the product and quotient rules
Use the chain, product and quotient rule to solve given differentiation tasks.
Use integral calculus to solve two simple engineering problems involving the definite and indefinite integral.
Complete 3 tasks; one to practise integration with no definite integrals, the second to use definite integrals, the third to plot a graph and identify the area that relates to the definite integrals with a calculated answer for the area within such.
Use the laws of logarithms to reduce an engineering law of the type y = axn to a straight line form, then using logarithmic graph paper, plot the graph and obtain the values for the constants a and n.
See Task.
Use complex numbers to solve a parallel arrangement of impedances giving the answer in both Cartesian and polar form
See Task.

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