Analyze the article titled “‘It’s Important to Stand Up Against Bullies’

Rebel Wilson Quiz
Read the article titled “‘It’s Important to Stand Up Against Bullies’ Rebel Wilson Wins Record Amount in Defamation Case”
( and then answer the following questions. The intention of this quiz is to help you identify and apply legal and communication ethics concepts in the case. You may use your notes and course materials to complete the quiz. This is an individual assignment and your work must be your own.
To begin, download the attached Rebel Wilson Quiz document. Please begin your filename with your last name, followed by some descriptive text (example: Wong-Denial Quiz.docx). Type your numbered responses to the questions in the document using double-spacing and size 12 font. Use complete sentences and please cite any sources you use to support your answers in APA format. Include an APA-style reference page at the end of the document.
What did Rebel Wilson sue for?
What elements of the case did Wilson prove?
What statements had the defendant said or written?
What was the defendant’s case?
Where did Rebel Wilson sue at?
There are 4 points possible per question.

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