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Animal rights Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment?

Animal rights Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment?

➢ Take off all headings except for the first page.

➢ Use these headings (centered)
o Title (Put Your Title)……Skip the word “Introduction”
o Literature Review
o Methodology
o Conclusion (for the BIG conclusion only)
o Works Cited
Any other subheadings, align them to the left

➢ Put the Works Cited page last.
Then: Any Appendices (Put them in order A, B, C)

For introduction:
Generally, the Introduction is roughly 1 – 2 pages long.
1) Research background and motivation – A brief intro into the topic or field, the history of research, gaps in the literature; also why you’ve chosen this topic, why is it necessary, why does it matter. This is the WHY. Often this part will include personal information; such as anecdotes or stories about how you became involved in this field, what first attracted your interest, the problems you encountered and what that made you think about… This is your chance to ‘hook’ the reader with some strong writing. (First person, (“I”) writing is always more interesting than research material.)

2) Research project – An expanded summary of your thesis. Much like your abstract, but a little longer, this should describe what you did or hope to do and why, as well as your results or conclusions. This is the WHAT. Don’t be afraid to be detailed here. Don’t hold onto your cards until later; give readers upfront the biggest, most amazing and exceptional claims that you’re going to make, along with some evidence to back them up. This will entice them to actually read further.

3) Research structure – An outline of the whole thesis: a chapter by chapter summary. List the chapters and the main points of that chapter (again, while it may be easier to write this after you’ve written the chapters, it’s so much better to plan the chapters out in advance anyway.) Be specific and detailed. Reveal the most interesting things about each chapter – things that may surprise the reader. This is the HOW.
Conclusion: (1)restate the thesis from the introduction in different words.(2)briefly summarize each main point found in the body of the paper(avoid going over 2 sentences for each point).

Revised and briefly summarize what the paper is about (no real detail) please include my research question,and include my thesis statement at the end of the last paragraph of my introduction

Begin Literature Review

Three sections:

• Introduction…..short (for this only…more specific)

• Body = Literature Review
Basically a summary of each source
as it relates to your RQ

• Conclusion…..sum-up this section only (short)

Be sure to review the readings on the Literature Review

12 sources… 6 must be academic
and I need Annotated Bibliography for each sources。

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