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author of a study guide for primary schools

author of a study guide for primary schools

You are working as the assistant author of a publishing company and are given an opportunity to become the author of a study guide for primary schools. The content of the guide is shown in Appendix A. The guidelines shall contain 2 Parts which are Cover Page and Content Pages.
1. Cover Page (15 marks)

Student is required to create an attractive cover page for the guidelines. The cover page shall contain:
a. A word art of the guideline title “Fundamentals of Computer”. (1 mark)
b. A t least two appropriate pictures or clip-arts. (2 marks)
c. Authors name, Publishing Company, Year of Publish. (3 marks)
d. At least TWO (2) drawing shapes. (2 marks)
e. An appropriate page color. (1 mark)
f. Appropriate design elements (colors, effects, styles etc). (6 marks)

• There is no specific setting for margin of the cover page.
• The header and footer of the cover page should be blank.
• The requirement from a to f shows the basic elements in the cover page, marks will be awarded through the appropriate use of this elements.

2. Content Page (35 marks)

a. Type in the content as listed in Appendix A. (1 mark)
b. The environment setting of the content page is:
i. The contain page is a new page continue from the cover page. (1 mark)
ii. An appropriate page color. (1 mark)
iii. There is a header that contains Student Matric No located at the right side.
(1 mark)
iv. There is a footer that contain page number with the following format:
• Page N of M, where N represents the page number and M represent the total pages inclusive cover page. (2 marks)
• N should start with number 3. (1 mark)
v. The margin for the content should be : (4 marks)
• Left : 1.5”
• Right: : 0.5”
• Top : 1.2”
• Bottom: 0.5”
vi. All lines in the paragraphs should be at least 15pt between each other.
(1 mark)
vii. Spacing between paragraph should be 16pt. (2 marks)
viii. Apply an appropriate page border ONLY to the content pages. (1 mark)
ix. Apply an appropriate text effect to the word “Fundamental of Computer” and change the position of these words to the center of the line. (2 marks)
x. All paragraphs (except title and subtitle) should start at 0.5” after the left margin. (1 mark)
xi. The subtitles with numbering 1.X, 2.X should be highlighted with blue color and title’s color is white. (2 marks)
xii. The first character of the first paragraph after titles 1. And 2. Should be 5 lines higher and align left inside the paragraph (2 marks)
xiii. There should be Student Matric Number appears semi-transparently at the background of each content page. (2 marks)
xiv. Find pictures for different types of hard disks listed in the content on the internet; insert ONE picture for each type of hard disk into the appropriate paragraphs. Resize all inserted pictures to 1.5” x 1.5”. The inserted pictures must show Four (4) different types of text wrapping. (8 marks)
xv. The document shall end with a small note “Copyright 2010” at the bottom of last page. (1 mark)
xvi. Save the file as “Task A” and printout the document. (2 marks)

Task B – Tab Setting (10 Marks)
1. Create a table of content (TOC) for the text in Appendix B. (1 mark)
2. The TOC should be:
a. At least two different tab alignment (2 marks)
b. A dot leader. (1 mark)
c. Application of Numbering. (1 mark)
d. A good TOC i.e. readability, easy to search for topics, clear leveling of topics.
(3 marks)
3. Save the file as Task B and print out the TOC. (2 marks)

Task C – Microsoft Word and Excel (40 Marks)
1. Perform a survey on a shop and record down the sales of 5 days or gather 30 sales transactions from the shop. (10 marks)
The transaction data should contain the following items:
a. Item Name
b. Date of transaction
c. Unit Price
d. Quantity
Additional field is allowed to be captured.
Enter all transaction into an Excel worksheet, arrange and perform necessary formatting to make the data more presentable. You must include the shop’s name in the worksheet.
2. Using Excel functions, calculate the Highest, Lowest and Average sales of these transactions. Show the figures in the same worksheet. (4 marks)
3. Using Two (2) different charts, show the total sales for each date in percentage. Each chart must consist of: (12 marks)
a. Chart Title
b. Data Label
c. Legend
d. Appropriate Chart Style
e. Each chart must be store in different worksheet

You may need to perform additional calculation on the data.
4. Save the workbook as Analysis. (1 mark)
5. Create a pivot table which allows the user to filter or group the data according to item or date and shows the total and average amount of each grouping. (4 marks)
6. Using Microsoft Word, type in the title “Sales Analysis 2013”, type in a paragraph of word to inform the analysis of sales to the shareholder (student need to decide on the content of paragraph), insert the charts created in (3) at the bottom of paragraph. Using Mail Merge, created different copies of the content that needed to be send to different recipients in Appendix C. Save the source file as Source, Merge Document as “Letter”, recipients as” Recipient”. (6 marks)
7. Printout all the works created form (1) to (6). (3 marks)

• Softcopy of all works in a CD
• Hardcopy of all works

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