Case Study Analysis: Accident ResearchAircraft Maintenance/Repair/Alteration Issues

In this activity, you may choose one of the following three accidents related to aircraft maintenance/repair/alteration issues as your Case Study Analysis.
Japan Airlines Flight 123, Boeing 747-SR100, JA8119/FAA (Links to an external site.)
China Airlines Flight CI611, Boeing Model 747, B-18255/FAA (Links to an external site.)
American Airlines Flight 191, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, N110AA/FAA (Links to an external site.)
This case study explores aircraft maintenance, inspection, repair, or alteration flaws, often involving errors or faulty assumptions during the maintenance process. Feel free to explore each of the accident descriptions to help you decide if there is a particular accident you wish to study over the other two. As you study and research the accident you chose, be sensitive to discover what the flaws, errors and faulty assumptions were.
Again, this site and its database hold a wealth of data and useful information pertaining to these case study analyses of this course. Use this case study to become acquainted with the information and resource layout on this excellent website. Graphics, actual documents, and final accident reports are all included in the accidents provided in this database, which makes it a great starting point. Try to be as specific as you can while expressing your analysis in your own words, so try to limit your use of jargon..

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