Chemistry Library Research Assignment

Chemistry Library Research Assignmentssignment can be typed or hand-written. Utilize whatever formatting style
that makes you comfortable.
Students pursuing any course of study need to be aware of sources of information.
Therefore, an introduction to some of the various types of scientific reference materials
is in order. Additionally, an educated person must be able to express themselves well
in a written format. This assignment serves to give you an opportunity to practice your
writing skills while also learning to critically assess information. This assignment, as a
whole, will count as one laboratory grade. Each of the following two sections is to be
dealt with individually and is to be completed as indicated with a properly cited
reference for each part as needed.
Part I: Investigating the Scientific Method
The concept of one method being applied in all scientific endeavors is a topic of debate.
There are many versions of the scientific method, most of which are similar. In this
assignment you are to develop your own definition of the scientific method after
researching several different sources.
Properly cited references for the sources used to answer each of these questions
should be included in a
Works Cited
section at the end of Part I. The
ACS Style Guide
developed by the American Chemical Society, provides standard guidelines for citing
sources used in chemistry research. Chapter 14 of the guide addresses references and
is available online at

Click to access chapter14.pdf

However, you are free to use whatever style guide you choose as long as you are

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