COMPLETE: Culture, Power, and Intercultural Communication Discussion

This week you are reading about the role of power, culture, and communication. On page 46 in the text, Halualani states that “culture is a site of struggle”. Using the information from this week’s readings, please choose ONE question below. Please post your response to the question in CANVAS AND also post a video, picture, article etc. to our “Culture is a Site of Struggle”
(Links to an external site.)
Community Wall that demonstrates an example that “culture is a site of struggle”. In your response make sure you connect your example with the question you answered.
1) In your own words, explain what Halualani means when she says, “culture is a site of struggle”.
2) What are some contributing factors (cultural forces) that explain why “culture is a site of struggle”.
3) Please find a current image, video, song, etc., representative in either your life or in the media, where “culture is a site of struggle”. In your example please identify: a) the “struggle”; b) the people groups involved in the struggle; and c) what people are doing to resist the dominant representations of their own culture.

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