Describe the elements of the product’s branding (i.e., brand name, sponsor, and brand strategy).

task is the following: Based on the reading in the text and the learning
activity regarding the marketing mix, select one of the provided products or
services and answer the checklist items thoroughly to complete the assignment
that will be submitted
Checklist: The Product
Step 1: Select one of the following products for
this assignment for the fictional company Proserve Corp.
-A new cool-mist humidifier that reduces dry
air and also serves as an air freshener. Presently, the scents come in mint,
apple, spice, and cinnamon.
-A new toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste
automatically onto the toothbrush with a small button on the handle. The
toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors, including cinnamon, peppermint,
spearmint, and bubble gum.
-A new wireless headphone and microphone that
fit in the palm of your hand and have superior output and volume.
-A new foldable chair that can be carried in
one hand, weighs 1.5 lbs. and holds up to 300 lbs.
-A new transcription tool with 98% accuracy.
Step 2: Apply product elements to make this
product complete by responding to the following:
Describe the type of product
you selected and include product attributes: quality, features, benefits,
style, and design.
Provide a proposed product
line (depth) and product mix (the 4 P’s; width) for your good. See Exhibit
10.1 in the text.
Describe the elements of the product’s branding (i.e., brand name, sponsor, and brand strategy).
Provide a packaging plan and any warranty or copyright involved if applicable.
Proservice’s new product you selected in Unit 7 initially used a direct channel
of distribution (i.e., the producer sells directly to the consumer via their
website) to sell their products to their customers. They are now considering
using intermediaries like agents, wholesalers, and retailers to get their
products to their customers. Your task is the following
Step 3: Place (or distribution)
Discuss three different
distribution models available for getting the product from the producer to
the consumer.
Using scholarly research, explain the advantages and disadvantages of using intermediaries. Provide 2–3 direct quotes and/or paraphrases from your
research, incorporating them into your paper where appropriate in support
of your contentions using APA 7th edition in-text citation style. Make
sure to add an additional reference page that includes a reference for
each article you cited in current APA format.
Considering factors like your brand and target audience, explain what type of retailers would be the best match for your new product and why.
Provide at least one
distribution model that would be most effective for Proservice’s new product. Explain why it would be most effective.

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