Discuss the value of the article to the nursing profession.

Select a full-text, electronically-retrievable research article on a technology topic or issue in nursing from current nursing literature. This article must be selected from a peer-reviewed journal in the CINAHL Complete database accessed via the NSU library, not directly from an online journal, and may not be more than five years old. It should be a primary quantitative research article reporting on a single study. It should not be from a magazine or newsletter. If the article mentions a study, purpose, research question, method, surveys, findings, or limitations, it is acceptable quantitative research. If it mentions interviews or focus groups, it is qualitative research and not acceptable for this assignment. Review articles discussing a number of studies are likewise not to be selected. Begin the body of the paper with an introductory paragraph or two that summarizes the author’s major ideas or points using your own words. The word summary would be the first level 1 APA heading, but since it immediately follows the title, it should be omitted. APA does not use back to back headings. Critique is the first level 1 bold and centered APA heading. Make a case to convince others whether this was a well or poorly written article and support your case with facts/evidence from the article. This is reading between the lines and identifying the author’s underlying biases and assumptions. Discuss the value of the article to the nursing profession. When considering the value of the article to the nursing profession, focus your attention on (a) the importance of the issue to the nursing profession, and/or (b) the author’s unique perspective of the issue/contribution to the nursing profession. There must be a concluding paragraph rather than just an ending. The word discussion is the second level 1 bold and centered APA heading. Include only one direct quote and two paraphrases, each properly cited. One paraphrase must cite multiple works in the same parenthesis (APA p. 263). Don’t plagiarize. Give credit to the author as indicated when summarizing, paraphrasing, or directly quoting. Do not use secondary sources (direct quotes already cited in the article you select).

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