Discuss the whole innovation management process from idea generation to commercialisation.

The United Nations (UN) has formulated a set of goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.i” Using theories, tools and frameworks from the Management of Innovation module, please search for the UN sustainable development goals and develop an innovation strategy aimed at selecting one of such goals, acquiring the resources to achieve this goal, implementing a particular course of action and finally capturing value from this overall process. Please highlight the organisational, commercial and technological factors that will constrain your choices and actions. (this is the 2000 word question)
● Note: In the main body of the report you should develop a set of well-linked arguments which highlight the organisational (e.g., climate, leadership style, capabilities, etc.), commercial (e.g., Intellectual Property management, value proposition, public value creation, etc.) and technological factors (e.g., new versus mature technology, network externalities, path dependence, etc.) that will constrain your choices and actions. Your report should cover the whole innovation management process from idea generation to commercialisation.● Word count: 2,000 words limit (+/-5%). References are excluded from the word count. All tables or figures are included in the word count. ● Appendix: not allowed.● Referencing: You should select appropriate sources (e.g. academic articles) to support your arguments and accurately represent what the authors argue. There is no set referencing style for this report. Please choose one of the official referencing styles (e.g. Harvard) and use it consistently both in the body of the report and in your referencing list.

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