Epicureanism is a hellenistic Greek philosophy that focused on living a simple life to avoid suffering

Founded by Epicurus in the 3rd century BCE, Epicureanism is a Hellenistic Greek Philosophy that focused on living a simple life to avoid suffering. Philosophers in this school discussed the universe being ruled by chance (and not by interfering gods). Please read the principle doctrine found here
(Links to an external site.). Using this primary source and the textbook, discuss the follow question in around 450 words. Be sure that your answer contains a clear thesis, specific conclusions, and that it is historically grounded in evidence from the readings.
Select a single doctrine of Epicureanism from this primary source document and discuss its meaning in the context of the Hellenistic Age. How is the historical context of the age reflected in this philosophical outlook? Note: it may be helpful to consider the major shift in world view from the Hellenic to the Hellenistic period and what events caused this shift.

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