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Essay, Design and Technology

Essay, Design and Technology

Assume that you have been assigned a project comprising the development of calendaring system for workers in a company as per specifications below.
TASK: Create the data structures, data flow diagrams; entity relationship diagrams; and entity life histories pertaining to the below server and mobile app specifications provided below.
SPECIFICATION: The system being targeted is made of 2 primary components; one server-side and a mobile app.
Server side SAAS comprising the following features and functions with data and metrics fed directly over the web via mobile app:
Definition of schedules including professional and personal time-blocks
Configuration of policies governing notifications that trigger on specific events
Configuration of alerting policies that trigger on specific events i.e. low count of work/professional related activity hours, low count of personal activities hours.
Reporting mechanisms and structures including working performance reports and work activity trends. Reporting comprises on-demand reporting facilities and scheduled reporting including digest on weekly/monthly basis.
User profiles for all workers
API components for integration with 3rd party MDMs
API components for integration with off-site online storage repositories like box, drop box, etc.
Help and support documentation links
eLearning and training materials for education and training purposes
Landing page for mobile app download
Enumeration of apps present on workers phone and relative permissions these apps have
User calendar for daily, weekly and monthly work and personal activities
Global search feature to locate activities, users and alerting details matching the provided search criteria.

Mobile app for iOS and Android will offer the following features and functions

Definition of personal and professional time-blocks in the form of daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Calendaring of work and personal activities
Alerting and notification policies pushed from server or configured from the app itself and synched with server
Enumeration of apps present on phone and respective permissions (what phone resources can be accessed by these apps e.g. contacts, GPS, etc) with ability to change such permissions
Definition of virtual secured container where professional files will be stored (refer to https://www.symantec.com/content/en/us/enterprise/white_papers/b-securing-mobile-app-data-comparing-containers-wp-21333969.pdf for more detail). Containers are encrypted and security via PIN.
User profile details and 4 selectable UI themes (color, fonts, layout)

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