evidence based intervention paper

Evidence-Based Intervention
Paper Social Work
Competencies (dimension): SWC 8 (Knowledge, Cognitive & Affective
Processing, Values, Skills); SWC 9 (Knowledge, Cognitive & Affective Processing,
Values, Skills
Describe the rationale, evidence, and scope of an Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI), or Best
Practices Model that is currently being used or that will be used within your practicum site for
the specific population you are working with (or choose a case to use in conjunction with the
EBI). If there is not currently an EBI being utilized by social service practitioners at the site,
identify an EBI that would be appropriate based on your placement setting. Complete a 5-6 page
paper (NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND REFERENCES) describing the population and the
EBI/strategies. Identify research to support the use of the intervention/strategies. Describe how
the EBI/strategies is applied and the potential outcome while also examining the strengths and
challenges of implementation.
SW606 Fall 2021 C.Hamilton syllabus 8.2021
** Sections/Headings for this paper should include: 1. Current population of people working
with in your practicum setting or work setting 2. EBI of choice (what is it and what is the
background; example Solution Focused Therapy, etc) 3. Rationale for the EBI and your current
population . **

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