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Assessment weight : 25%
Due : Monday, 13 May 2013 (in class)
Word limit : 300-400 words (approximately)
Harvey Norman is a public limited company, you have to Ensure you incorporate the end – June 2012 financial statements, and where applicable, any other recent data.

In your report, you should discuss the following items:
1. Systematic Risk (5 marks)
Estimate / indicate beta for the firm. Describe how beta is derived and explain the risk profile of the company?
2. Capital structure and cost of capital (1+1+1+ 3 = 5 marks)
(a) Describe the capital structure of the company. Is it optimal? Why or why not?
(b) Does the company have too little or too much debt?

3. A brief summary of what you wrote (executive summary)
The marks will be allocated based on the depth of knowledge, rigour, and strength of argument. In addition, accuracy, completeness and relevance of the answers will be considered. Students are also expected to pay special attention to format, clarity, organisation, spelling and punctuation.
Submission guidelines
Students should hand in their assignment to the lecturer-in-charge in class on or before Monday, 13 May 2013. Other forms of submission, i.e., faxed, emailed or posted assignments are not acceptable. Submission deadline is strictly enforced.
Assignments must be submitted with a cover sheet and should:

be typed using one-and-a half (1.5) spacing left justified.
use Ariel or Times New Roman font size 12.
display a one inch margin on all sides.
appropriately cite reference original work, author(s) etc. Citation and referencing must conform to APA (American Psychological Association) format both in the body of the paper and its attached reference section.

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