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Living, working and studying in Australia

Living, working and studying in Australia

Living, working and studying in Australia – a cultural study and report
CALD international student group is: Chinese International Students

1- Introduction to the report – describe your study and its aims and the structure of your report (200 words).

2- Sub-sections- about WORKING (discussion of the challenges, studies, recommendations in the outcome. These must be supported with comprehensive literature (600 words).

Must include
– Project Management, Conflict Management. Recommendations
– It must use the theories from Ferraro, cross cultural theory and the ones listed on the PDF I attached.
It must specify how the data was collected, primary, secondary
– I need more than 5 references, Harvard style.
– Needs to use cross-cultural theory, Ferraro 2010, HOFSTEDE (1980), TROMPENAARS (1993) BROWAEYS & PRICE (2008), HOUSE ET AT 2004 (GLOBE), use this to explain content if possible comparing etc.
– Word processed using Times New Roman font (or equivalent), size 12 point, 1.5 line spacing,

Can you tell me at the end (This is a research proposal I need to present. Unofficial ):
Proposed data collection methods
Where you source your research data from?
Was this primary or secondary data? And tell if journals, etc etc
Please look at marking criteria and aim HD pls.

And this is the whole assignment so you know what is this about for the introduction. Please include everything that is in bold.

Chinese International students like can only work 20 hours per week, high student fees so it is an inconvenience etc etc.

Assessment 2: Living, working and studying in Australia – a cultural study and report (group project) (30%)


This project is aimed at groups investigating culturally-related challenges international students, from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are likely to face living, working and studying in Australia.
The objectives of this assessment are for you to develop your capacity to:

? Understand the full extent of the meaning of the Australian terminology ‘CALD’ and to then identify a CALD group to focus on for this project;

? Effectively undertake secondary research of the key challenges (in three areas live, work and study) international students from your identified CALD background face or are likely to face in Australia

Apply relevant comparative cultural theory to analyse and evaluate the challenges and the implications of these challenges for students from your CALD group

Provide recommendations to the students from the CALD group to help them overcome or minimise these challenges

Write up your study and findings as a research repor

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