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Professional Assignment 2 – Must meet the following three Class Learning Objectives (CLOs) in your answer to this assignment.
CLO1-  Describe how goals, constraints, incentives, and market rivalry affect economic decisions
CLO5-  Investigate the conditions under which a firm operates as perfectly competitive, monopolistically competitive, or a monopoly
CLO6-  Explain how beliefs and strategic interaction shape optimal decisions in oligopoly environments. 
Please study the case about the “Time Warner Cable” on page 467 and write an analytical and evidence based paper of minimum six (6) pages, APA 7 formatted encompass the followings:

A summary history and analysis of Time Warner business expansion since 2000 
What have been the business markets for Time Warner?
Who is the competition for Time Warner and what policies Time Warner have used to challenge it?
What are the significant regulatory areas that impact the operations and strategic decisions of Time Warner?
The technological change and challenges that Time Warner has been facing.

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