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media and technology experiment

media and technology experiment

Please check this link for more information about this paper!! (let me know if it doesn’t work)
this is a three to four-page ‘media and technology experiment’ paper. You will be asked to go a full 24 hours with no pop culture/media, and no ‘new technology’ (cell, internet, social media, etc.), to document that process, and then write about the experience, drawing on what we have read and learned in class.

Paper details:
• The paper can be written in an informal, first person style narrative.
• Paper is worth 25 points. Grading is based on:
• 5 points for documenting your experiment & incorporating your notes into your paper
• 10 points for linking back your experience to larger themes discussed in class and in readings
• 10 points for overall writing, grammar, •
• To submit your paper, look under ‘week 5’ on Titanium, find link that says ‘Media & Technology paper”
• Late papers lose five points for every day they are late.

The goal of this project is to increase awareness about both the role of popular media in our day to day lives, and also the extent to which we have become ‘dependent’ upon technologies that are relatively new.
1. Attempt to go 24 hours without ANY sort of media or new technology. That means no:
TV, cell phone, internet, social media, radio, mp3/music, movies, etc.
2. Record your observations during the process.
3. Review the sample paper included at the end of this document for an example on how to approach the assignment. Note that the student integrates their experience with the course materials and screenings that are relevant, something that is critical for success. This is an example of an “A” level paper.
4. Write a 3 – 4 page paper reflecting on those observations AND linking back to ideas discussed in readings, screenings and in class lecture. Be critical – what does your experience mean and represent in the larger context of society?

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