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Refer to the "CURRENT Assessment criteria and topic to be written" file

Refer to the “CURRENT Assessment criteria and topic to be written” file

Hi there, this is a very important one for me. It is a large report. So basically you have done one assessment (Assessment 1) for me previously for this unit and I barely got 50%. This new report is a continuation of the first one but going in depth.
You are doing the whole assessment (start-end), it is not done in pairs so ignore that section.

You have selected a country and products that need to be sold internationally in the first report and you will need to use this old report in order to write the NEW one. You are writing an international market entry report for the company (jewellery in Au) that will be moving/selling its products to Mauritius, by analysing all the factors/strategies/barriers. So you will need to be really detailed in this report on analysing everything/macro-environment, from cultural barriers, political factors, environmental issues, tariffs, advertising, logistics, supply etc. just to name a few, for the company. So the company is entering an unknown market, they need to know everything in order to sell their products and succeed. Obviously you can’t write 20 pages on each issue, but try to cover it as much as you can. I have only given you a brief explanation just to make it a bit more clear, but please read through the criteria for this assessment titled “CURRENT Assessment criteria and topic to be written”. I need you to be really through for this assessment; it is an important one for me. Refer to the marking rubric. Also, please include the executive summary in the report. I have also attached the previous assessment you have done for me which you will need to use to write this new report. I have given you a lot of background reading which is very useful, in terms of seeing what barriers occur at an international level and what you can write about in the report. Every paragraph should have a reference, if you get ideas from text somewhere please put the correct reference next to that paragraph so I don’t have to look for it later. Thank you REFERENCES HAVE TO BE CREDIBLE, BOOKS, GOVERNMENT WESITES (.gov) EDUCATIONAL SOURCES (.edu).. NO wikipedia, infopedia and other sources of information that can be written by anybody… DO NOT use the same references to support your research.. DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL WEBSITES (.com)

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