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relates to the specific course learning objectives

relates to the specific course learning objectives

Assignment 4 relates to the specific course learning objectives 1, 2 and 4 and associated
MBA program learning goals and skills: Global Content, Problem solving, Change, Critical
thinking, and Written Communication at level 3.

1. demonstrate applied knowledge of people, markets, finances, technology and management
in a global context of business intelligence practice (data warehouse design, data mining
process, data visualisation and performance management) and resulting organisational change
and how these apply to implementation of business intelligence in organisation systems and
business processes
2. identify and solve complex organisational problems creatively and practically through the
use of business intelligence and critically reflect on how evidence based decision making and
sustainable business performance management can effectively addressing real world
4. demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a clear and concise manner in written
report style for senior management with correct and appropriate acknowledgment of main
ideas presented and discussed.
The key frameworks, concepts and activities covered in modules 2–12 and more specifically
modules 6 to 12 are particularly relevant for this assignment.
This assignment consists of three tasks 1, 2 and 3 and builds on the research and analysis you
conducted in Assignment 2. Task 1 is concerned with developing and evaluating a model of
key factors impacting on credit risk ratings for loan applications in determining whether
approve a loan or not approve a loan. Task 2 is concerned with the key opportunities and
challenges associated with the implementation and utilisation of business intelligence
systems. Task 3 is concerned with performance management and provides you with the
opportunity to design and build a sales performance dashboard using pivot tables and Tableau
7.0 Desktop.
Task 1 (40 marks)
In Task 1 of this Assignment 4 you are required to follow the six step CRISP DM process and
make use of the data mining tool RapidMiner to analyse and report on the creditrisk_train.
csv and creditrisk_score.csv data sets provided for Assignment 4. You should refer to the
data dictionary for creditrisk_train.csv (see Table 1 below). In Task 1 and 2 of Assignment 4
you are required to consider all of the business understanding, data understanding, data
preparation, modelling, evaluation and deployment phases of the CRISP DM process.

a) Research the concepts of credit risk and credit scoring in determining whether a financial
institution should lend at an appropriate level of risk or not lend to a loan application.
This will provide you with a business understanding of the dataset you will be analysing
in Assignment 4. Identify which (variables) attributes can be omitted from your credit risk
data mining model and why. Comment on your findings in relation to determining the
credit risk of loan applicants.
b) Conduct an exploratory analysis of the creditrisk_train.csv data set. Are there any missing
values, variables with unusal patterns? How consistent are the characteristics of the
creditrisk_train.csv and creditrisk_score.csv datasets? Are there any interesting
relationships between the potential predictor variables and your target variable credit
risk? (Hint: identify the variables that will allow you to split the data set into subgroups).
Comment on what variables in the data set creditrisk_train.csv might influence

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