Research Paper, Gender & Sexual Studies

Research Paper, Gender & Sexual Studies

The powers that be are granting you unlimited funds to conduct research relevant to this course .Your job is to devise a research proposal in order to secure the money. You may choose to study any topic, but it must come across clearly in your proposal and be relevant to this course. This proposal MUST be written in the following format (do NOT use essay format):

Statement of Purpose:
What is your research question? Why is your topic important? Why should it be studied?

What information are you gathering (data)? Why the information important to your research? How will you gather the information? For example, will you use a survey, conduct an experiment, interview people, etc?

Review of Literature:
What are other scholars writing about the subject that you are studying? NOTE: This should be the bulk of your proposal.

Implications for Future Research:
How can your findings affect/inform future research on this topic?

The proposal should be 3-5 pages. These prompts are suggestive. You should elaborate upon them. Your title and reference page do not count toward meeting your page requirements. Your literature review must come from newspaper articles, peer-reviewed journals, and books. Your Reference Page, and internal documentation must follow APA format. You must use Times New Roman, 12pt font.

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