role conflict and strain.


Read Chapter 5,Social Interaction, Groups, and Social Structure,in your text.  Your assignment must be informed by information from the chapter. (Textbook:  Schaefer, R.T.  (2019). Sociology: A brief introduction (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. No outside/web sources, please.
Review the Purdue OWL for instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references.  In-text citations go in the paragraph and the reference list is located after the Word Count at the end of your paper.
Paper must include in-text citation.


Describe a situation in which you experienced role conflict.
Describe a situation in which you experienced role strain.
How did you resolve these issues?  What did you learn about yourself and/or your commitments?
Be sure you identify the status and roles that are associated with the role conflict/strain.

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