Should looters and rioters be held accountable and brought to justice?

Discussion #3
Since we are discussing Justice and Economic Distribution this week, I wanted to bring events going on in our country into discussion. Earlier last year, there was the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN at the hands of City Police. This resulted in lots of peaceful protesting, but also some violent riots and looting in cities across the country. This of course has led to clashes with police, city and state administrations across the country. There were also riots and looting at the capital earlier this year. As we bring these questions to light, be sure to keep your comments professional and constructive, and not political. If you unaware of what was happening please do some internet research.
In our country, we have a right to voice protest to things we disagree with (of course that doesn’t happen in all countries). Throughout US history, there have been peaceful protests where people have had their voices heard (1st Amendment), but no violence broke out. However, in this situation, many were taking to the streets with violence in mind.
1. Could violence against police, congressmen, businesses, or other individuals be justified? Explain.
2. Should looters and rioters be held accountable and brought to justice? Explain.
3. What Theory of Justice in this chapter would you apply to your answers? Explain.

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