suburban metropolis

Part 1: 1. Why does Fishman characterize Los Angeles as a “suburban metropolis”? Isn’t “suburban metropolis” a contradiction in terms? The metropolis and the suburb are usually considered opposites. 2. Use a quotation from the Fishman text to describe how Los Angeles is different from Manchester and other industrial cities. 3. Do you think the freeways were beneficial or harmful to Los Angeles’ development? Explain why or why not using examples from the Fishman text. Part 2: Choose one or more readings or videos on the internet. Write a 200-word (minimum) response paper that summarizes the work(s) and details your response to the work(s). o Identify the author and title of the work(s). o Use direct quotations from the work(s) to illustrate important ideas. o Condense the content of the work(s) by highlighting the main points and key supporting points. o Build your paper on the basis of your posts on the weekly discussion forum. o Select one or two points from the readings that you feel are most significant and elaborate on why you find them significant. This should be a critical analysis, rather than a summary.
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