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succession managment

succession managment

1_ introduction
a- introduce the case( this case is about …)
b- 2 purpose statements ( the purpose of the case….)

2_understanding succession mangement
a- what is succession management ( using the book as reference)

3_the succession management model at ford Canada
a- describe the model ( what is FORD doing with succession management )
b_ the identified strengths of the model (strengths)
c_ the identified weaknesses of the model (weaknesses)

4_four recommended factors for increasing effectiveness in ford succession model (build on strength and weakness)

5_ conclusion

6_ references page
the book is your main reference i will attach the cover page and let me know if you have it or not and you can also use 4 additional references beside the book

All the information you use must be referenced and cited properly in text and in the reference page .. except for the conclusion which does not need to have any references

the book is your main source

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