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Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge

For this midterm paper, I’m looking for a clear and cogent argument on a topic of your choice that is closely related to what we have so far discussed in class. Use a normal font size and double-space; it should be10+- pages long and formated in .doc(x) or .pdf ONLY! Here are some pointers on writing the paper.
(1) No book report type essays.
(2) Explain your point, however small, as thoroughly as possible. Do not take things for granted.
(3) If possible, set aside the completed essay for a day or two, and then read it as if it was written by someone else; and then revise it as much as you can.
(4) Do not forget to entertain possible objections to your own view and arguments.

Just in case you are not sure what to write on, these are some suggestions.
1. Does Locke’s Theory of Knowledge, especially with his theory of perception the distinction between primary and secondary qualities, meet the skeptical challenge. Give me all the reasons you can think of in support of your answer.
2. Descartes used his dream analogy to argue for skepticism. But we know very well when we are, and when we are not, in a dream state. Given this fact, how can Descartes’ dream argument work? Write a defense of Descartes’ dream argument. (Find possible or actual objections along the above line and try to refute the objections in your defense.)
3. Given Berkeley’s subjective idealism, how can he justify a clear distinction that we can all tell between ideas created by pure imagination and ideas created by perception? Meet the challenge WITHOUT introducing God.

4. Reid’s realistic theory of perception can be called a “non-representational theory” of perception, namely, when we perceive external objects, we do not use in our mind representational entities, such as images or ideas. Defend Reid from challenges such as “how does our memory work if we do not have mental representations?”

5. Propose and defend a solution to the Gettier problem that is not discussed in class. Is there any simple way of getting around Gettier’s problem?

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