Example: Grice, R. (2011). The value of university writing centers. Journal of Counseling, 23(1), 56–58.   University writing centers can be very helpful in learning APA format. Grice found in a study of 100 graduate students in a graduate-level writing course that those receiving assistance from the university writing center demonstrated marked improvement by reducing errors by 25% in comparison to the “self-taught” group. The author concludes that university writing centers can be very helpful to graduate students.   Requirements: 1.      Include a current APA-formatted title page with all the required components. 2.      List the annotations in alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name. 3.      All sources must be from academic and peer-reviewed journals or books such as the course resources. 4.      Resources must be dated within the past 10 years unless permission to use older resources is given by the instructor.   Submit the assignment as 1 Word document through the assignment link in Module/Week 4.   Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.

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