US HISTORY since 1877

Students are required to answer one of the following:
Your family lives in Virginia. They own a
modest farm which has two families of slaves. It is the new year of 1861
and war is possible. Which side
will you support? Why will you be
willing to give your life if necessary for the Union or the newly forming
Confederacy? Your slaves are
anxious and speak of freedom. What
is to be done with them?
It is the spring of
1865. Your family resides in
Roswell, Georgia and has experienced four long years of war. A peace has been signed. The
Reconstruction period is commencing.
Congress is passing new laws which may change the South. Do you agree and follow these new
laws? Or do you resist these
changes and work ardently to make sure that as little as possible changes
in the South? What is your
motivation and what are your beliefs about the status of the former

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