Week 3 Discussion 1: What Factors Influence Self-Injurious Behavior?

Initial Post
Review the Self-Harm website.
Watch the videos:
5 Not Obvious Signs of Self Harm (4:16 minutes) (atteched transcript)
5 Not Obvious Signs of Self Harm Video Video Transcript (attached transcript)
Self Harm: What is it About? (12:00 minutes)
Self Harm: What is it About? Video Transcript
Self-injurious behavior is a manifestation of emotion-focused coping.
Discuss some causes that may explain why youth engage in self-injurious behaviors.
Choose one of the self-injurious behaviors that interests you.
Discuss what the research says about the etiology or the causative factors for these behaviors.
What evidence-based treatment modalities have been recognized as helpful in managing these behaviors?
I have attached a file of examples from previous students to help also

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