What Is It Like to Work in South Korea?

Imagine your co-worker has just been assigned by your company to work in the South Korea office for three months. Your co-worker will be working with team members only from the South Korea office and, knowing you have experience working with other cultures, has asked for your advice on how to prepare for this new project. Follow the steps below and write a response in a Word document to your co-worker:
Conduct research on what it is like to work in South Korea. For example, how do employees in South Korea communicate in the office? How do the employees dress? Document your key findings.
Compare what you found out about South Korean business culture with how business is conducted in the United States. Answer the following questions about how U.S. business typically operates versus that of South Korea:
How are decisions made in the office? Who makes those decisions?
Describe meeting times and their importance.
How do co-workers greet each other in the office?
What is the dress code?
Put together a list of six to eight tips to help your co-worker be successful in this new workplace culture.
Your response should be from 400 to 500 words long. Submit your completed assignment using the link below

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