Write about the company chose, Teleperformance canada and about it for 1 page, the 2nd page is provided.

1. The details of the assignment have been provided in the ‘assignment details’ file.
2. There are 5 parts, part A, part B, part C, part D, part E.
3. Each part should have the following page count
part A – 2 pages,
part B – 3 pages,
part C – 3 pages,
part D – 2 pages,
pat E – 2 pages.
Part A has been attached but please stretch it out to 2 pages. write about the company chose, Teleperformance canada and about it for 1 page, the 2nd page is provided.
4. For part B we have selected a non-management position (Customer Service Representative) and the current performance appraisal system is as follows-
Classification of employees compensated with salaries/wages and its current performance appraisal system for that job description.
A: We have language premium of an extra dollar on top of the provincial base pay rate for agent employees and depending on the Client, different clients have different bonus structure depending on the customer satisfaction rate. Other employees from HR to operations there is a structure of salary and hourly pay rate.
5. For part C please refer to the textbook and suggest pay incentive program.
6. For part D these are the current benefits that exist –
What are the types of discretionary and employee benefit services that currently exist?
A: All full time hourly and salaried employees are eligible to participate in the Company benefits plan. Health coverage is available after 90 days of employment. Dental coverage is available after 6 months of employment.
7. For part E do as attached in assignment details.
8. we have limited information but your job is to fill in the rest to meet the page count and also refer to the textbook attached in the files section as well. Meet the page count and give 4 references for each part.
9. remember, font is times new roman, and size is 12, no plagiarism as professor is strict. refer to textbook chapters given in assignment details.

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